The exclusive partner of the GMP News project, the Czech company IMCoPharma, known
as a supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and finished dosage forms
from leading European manufacturers, took part in the 20th international exhibition of
equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production Pharmtech & Ingredients.

Iolanta Morozenkova, CEO of IMCoPharma’s branch in Russia, shares some details on the company’s work on the pharmaceutical market.

Iolanta Morozenkova: I am pleased to present IMCoPharma, a company which has been operating in the pharmaceutical market for more than 25 years, and in particular, its Russian branch. This branch has been operating for 5 years. During this period, we became closer to Russian manufacturers.

I am proud to say that during this time we have achieved a lot. The situation on the pharmaceutical market has significantly changed recently. In my opinion, it has changed for the better. The market has become more regulated, but at the same time, these regulations limit the possibilities for Russian manufacturers, as some legislative acts have reduced the opportunities for Russian manufacturers to develop and move forward. At the moment, we are facing the need to register APIs and inspect European manufacturing sites outside of Russia. We know from experience that this complicates the work of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia.

The vast experience and extensive knowledge of the Russian market allow us to bring in new European manufacturers and help them get closer to Russian consumers of their raw materials. We know all the aspects and pitfalls of Russian pharmaceutical legislation. Thus,
by solving these problems we can reach a final decision on promoting some API or on
registration in Russia as quickly as possible.

Of course, the majority of our clients are manufacturers of finished pharmaceutical products in Russia, but with each year there are more and more clients from other CIS countries – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan – who seek to buy raw materials from Russia. Our main partners are manufacturers from Europe: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland… For example, this time representatives from Excella and Fareva are participating with us, as well as a representative of Roquette Fréres, whom we have been representing in Russia and the CIS for many years.

IMCoPharma is an active participant in industry events, and Pharmtech & Ingredients is one of the most important industry events for the Czech company. This year, at a ceremony held as part of the exhibition, IMCoPharma was awarded in the category “For Excellence”.

Iolanta Morozenkova: It is important for us to participate in pharmaceutical exhibitions, especially in specialised ones. We take part in exhibitions throughout Europe, but participation in Russian exhibitions is just as important to us.

Participation in Pharmtech & Ingredients plays a very important role for us because it allows us to meet a lot of our clients in a short period and hold a lot of negotiations, including trilateral meetings with our European partners and manufacturers of APIs and excipients.

The Russian market is developing very rapidly. Many things, including patterns of cooperation, are changing. I’m pleased that more and more drug manufacturers are paying attention to quality. The quality of their products and, accordingly, the quality of the raw materials they use in the manufacturing process.
For us as a supplier of European raw materials and a provider of quality products, it is gratifying to see, hear and understand that the end customer of our ingredients is interested in the high quality of the products.

To distribute active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and pharmaceutical materials in the Russian Federation, Eurasian Economic Union and CIS countries, the Czech company created and launched the multifunctional online portal IMCOBUY.

Iolanta Morozenkova: It is our new business tool, even though it has existed for several years now, we are continuing to work on it, constantly developing it, searching options to optimize it to be closer to our clients. The portal is currently in the development stage, but we are just a few steps away from it operating at full capacity, which would allow our customers to order products directly from our website. Thus, when a client opens the portal they will see our capabilities: the availability of raw materials in various warehouses, the option to review certificates of analysis for a certain batch in stock, and placing an order within the shortest possible time.

This year, IMCoPharma is celebrating its 25th anniversary and our project GMP News congratulates the Czech company and its founder Ivan Mikes on the anniversary.
Proper and effective organisation of operations, as well as the creation of own international structure allowed IMCoPharma to be noticed not only in the Russian pharmaceutical market but also around the world.

It is a great honour for us to work in partnership with IMCoPharma, and we wish the company new successful projects, new achievements and new victories!