InterPharmTechnology® on Pharmtech Exhibition

Posted by GMP news on Friday, 11 January 2019

InterPharmTechnology group, known as a supplier of manufacturing equipment and tools took a part in the 20th international exhibition of equipment, materials, and technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing PharnTech & Ingredients. About the work and direction of the company, you will know from our video.

We pay special attention to quality control systems installed on the equipment and production control systems. Our general partner I Holland company presents the management system of a press tool, this year we presented it in Russia for the first time. We also present the new equipment of Comasa – a complete line for the manufacture of granulate and coating tablets.

Dmitriy Dyakonov, Executive Director of InterPharmTechnology.

The expert also drew attention to Hoonga company which produces blister and carton packaging machines. Now they present one of the fastest machines with a capacity of 900 blisters per minute.

Our company essentially offers the equipment which has a good ratio of the price and quality. At the beginning of our work, we quite clearly divided our business into two large areas – a project business, we are talking about large projects that are executed for months and often for years – they allow us to make the business profitable. And such direction as small sales – press tool and spares – that guarantee us cash flow daily, so we feel very confident here.

The president of InterPharmTechnology group, Armen Paravyan, disclosed basic principles of strategic planning for the nearest future:

We have programmers who are focusing their efforts on the development of artificial intelligence in forecasting. In the near future, we will most likely try to connect to these systems, which allow us to make forecasts for at least next two or three years. And it will help us to choose goals. This is what I see as the basis for strategic planning in the near future.

In Armen Paravyan’s opinion, nowadays we should gather information within all directions of Industrialization 4.0, because any little thing can completely change a tendency of development.

World’s lead countries have admitted that personalized medicine is the future, and the president of InterPharmTechnology® agrees.

With perspectives like these, we eagerly support the company when the president invites young, talented and intelligent people in his company to move together towards Industrialization 4.0 tendency.