IV BRICS Competition Conference

August 9, 2019 |

IV BRICS Competition Conference will include sessions of BRICS Working Groups for studying competition problems on socially important markets

The first day of the VI BRICS Competition Conference will focus on the pressing issues of competition on BRICS socially important markets.

Throughout the entire day on 17th September 2019, there will be sessions of BRICS Working Groups for competition on food, automotive, digital and pharmaceutical markets.

The session of the Working Group on food products will be devoted to discussing new challenges facing competition authorities ensuring fair competition on the food products market. The participants will share experiences of investigations and merger consideration on the market, jointly identify important, interesting aspects for further discussions and work out a concept for further activities of the Working Group.

The Digital Working Group will concentrate on drafting a report by BRICS competition authorities on digital economy; the work on the report started last year. The focus will be on adapting competition laws to digital changes and will present a brief review of recent violations of the antimonopoly law related to development of digital economy.

Participants of BRICS Working Group on the automotive industry will present the main findings of the survey aimed at finding out the key competition issues on the automotive markets. The survey was conducted by India’s Competition Commission that coordinates the Working Group, jointly with all CRICS competition authorities. The event participants will also consider various methods and means of resolving the problems exposed in the course of the study.

The series of sessions on competition on BRICS socially important markets will end with the session of BRICS Pharmaceuticals Working Group. Its participants will discuss fair pricing on the markets of medicinal drugs circulation, particularly, relations between the scope of generics products and the price level. The speakers will pay special attention to searching the balance between antimonopoly regulation and forced licensing of the intellectual property rights on BRICS pharmaceutical markets.


BRICS Working Groups for studying competition problems on socially important markets were formed to execute Clause 4.1. of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of cooperation in competition law and policy between BRICS economies.

Each Working Group is a separate project that has particular goals and objectives, and stages to achieve than are determined.

Sessions of the Working Groups attract representatives of the international competition community and traditionally are attended not only by BRICS experts but also representatives of other integration associations, foreign competition authorities and international organizations, prominent scholars, the leading lawyers and economists.