The flagship conference dedicated to good practices in pharmaceutical production, IV All-Russia GMP Conference with international participation, will be held on September 23-25, 2019 in Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad Region). This year the conference will be held under the slogan «Good Practices: Uniting the Industry and the World».

Pharmasyntez, JSC considers the IV All-Russia GMP Conference with international participation is the key industry forum, so it made a decision to become its official partner this year.

The business agenda of the conference covers a wide range of topics: the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian economy, export development, integration processes in the EAEU context, current issues of GMP inspection. Over 1000 experts from Russia, Asia, Europe and the U.S. will discuss burning problems of the Russian and global pharmaceutical market as well as the role GMP plays in assuring the quality of pharmaceutical production and international cooperation.

Compliance with the established rules allows the company to develop, tap into new markets, master new drugs and maintain a competitive profile in the market of pharmaceuticals. Good Practices allow spelling out the rules for the workflow in production and activities of the quality control department, at warehouses, ensuring that job performance of the enterprise employees grows. If a company complies with good practices it does not need to worry about its reputation: as soon as we are 100% sure in the quality of our product, we are, then, sure that a patient will get a high-quality and efficient drug,

Natalya Malykh,
Pharmasyntez Vice President for Quality and Regulatory Issues, noted.